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Private investment incentivization packages for construction projects at Taipei City Hall Bus Station were recognized with an Excellence of Gold.

Construction for underground parking at Songshan Station completed.

A bid on metered roadside parking payment by financial institutions, and agency collection services by telecommunication service providers was reopened. New services became available.

10 low-floor buses assigned to Taipei City Green Bus No. 1, and 50 low-floor buses under No. 235 began service.

Underground parking at Songshan Station began service.

Community-based parking management was completed in Datong District’s Far Eastern Mansion A, B, C, and Songshan District’s Renai Minsheng Mansion, and Shilin District’s Diamond Mansion. Parking would be managed by the community committee.

20 low-floor buses designated under Taipei City Green Bus No. 605 began service

Driving safety performance review was held.

Parking service at Fulin Park completed construction and began service; large bus parking facility at Fulin Park was inaugurated.

The removal of illegally parked bikes around Songshan Station was enforced in partnership with the Taipei City Police Department.

News conference on “Adding 'Last Service of the Day' to the Bus Arrival Schedules Display” was held.

9 low-floor buses designated under Taipei City Bus No. 234 began service

"2012 Taipei Joint Bus Driving Safety Seminar Session 6" was held.

The Golden Wheel Commendation Ceremony was held to publicly commend high-performing taxi fleets. 280 people participated in the event.

LED lighting was installed for the first time at the City Hall parking service. All the lighting was replaced with LED editions.

Designated markings on Dadu Road's slow lanes were completed.

Doorplate number designations on the road displays of 150 intersections on Beitou District's Daye Road were completed.

English version of the "Fun Travel in Taipei" mobile phone app was launched.

Traffic signal transmission systems were upgraded from an analog version to ADSL.

The 2012 Flu Season Prevention Drill kicked off officially.

5 low-floor buses designated under Taipei City Bus No. 632 began service

Traffic maintenance inspection for "2012 Sogo Department Store Taipei - Anniversary Sale" was convened.

Traffic maintenance inspection for "2012 Q Square Department Store - Anniversary Sale" was convened.

"Career Driver Trainings for Large Passenger Buses" completion ceremony with the Employment and Vocational Training Center was held.

The 2012 Bus Courtesy Campaign kicked off with a special news conference.

A news conference on "Experiencing the Joy of Old Age for Bus Drivers" was held.

Q2 “Taipei Joint Bus System Drivers Service Quality Improvement Seminar 2012” was hosted.

Bike lane networks were installed in Gongguan and Wanhua business areas.

3 low-floor buses designated under Taipei City Bus No. 612 began service.

Bike markers installations were completed in Xinyi Commercial District, and Gongguan and Minsheng business areas.

Doorplate number designations on the road displays of Zhongxiao East Road, Jilong Road, Xinyi Road, Fude Street, Songshan Road, Songde Road, Songren Road in Xinyi District and Xinhai Road in Wenshan District were completed.

Bike signs were installed in Minsheng business area.

Traffic sign consolidations for Jiangguo North and South Roads, Beian Road and Civic Boulevard were completed.

Regular and colored markings on 110 sidewalks were completed.

A news conference on the Integrated Bus Route Information Displays installed in the gallery-type waiting booths along designated bus lanes in Xinyi Commercial District was held.