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Community-based parking management was completed in buildings alongside Zhongxiao East Road, Lane 217, Alley 5 and 6 in Daan District. Parking would be managed by the community committee.

Traffic maintenance inspection for "2012 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Taipei Main Station - Anniversary Sale" was convened.

Ground-floor parking service outside the embankment of Tonghe West Street in Taipei City, and temporary ground-floor parking service on Bade Road, Section 2, were opened to public use.

The restriction on motorcycle entry for Linsen South Road’s underpass was lifted. The exit of Roosevelt Road’s motorcycle waiting area was expanded.

Motorcyclists could now turn left onto Chongqing South Road, Section 1, from Ketagalan Boulevard.

A trial run on backlit-type traffic signals was completed on 6 interactions on Zhongxiao East Road, along the stretch between Jianguo South Road and Linsen South Road.

Bike signs were installed in Dadaocheng business area.

Bike network inspection and instruction markers for the 3

YouBike stations surrounding the TaiPower Building

Station were completed.