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New Transit terminal in NanKang West Transit Station Open

The Transit terminal in Nankang West Station is located on the west side of Nankang Station (Chung Hsiao East Road, 7th Floor and 3rd Floor, Lane 325). The opening ceremony will be held on Apr.18th, New route will be as following:
1. Kuo-Kuang eBus: 1877 (to Wushi harbor), 1878 (to Yilan), 1879 (to Nanau )
1843 (to Taoyuan Airport).
2. Capital bus & MT Bus: 9026(to Dawu Lun).
3. Chungli Bus, Zhinan Bus: 9069 (to Taoyuan).
4. Keelung Bus: 1088 (to Keelung).
Nankang Transit West Station is closed to Neihu Interchange of , Nankang Interchange, and close to MRT, Taiwan Railway and high-speed train Nankang station, the station has bus directly to Taoyuan Airport, residents in east part of Taiwan could take bus to Taoyuan Airport directly from Nankang West station, Moreover, passenger could transit to Taiwan Railway and high speed train in Nankang West Station, This could reduce the transit times for passenger and also reduce the mass transit passenger in Taipei Station.
The Public Transport Service said that Nankang West Transit Station is directly connected to the CityLink shopping mall to facilitate the direct transfer of passengers to the MRT, Taiwan Railway, High Speed train Station, Ticket service, automatic ticket machines, nursing rooms, convenience stores, luggage room and other facilities are also provided and make passenger to have a more comfortable waiting environment and ticket space.
Due to the development of the east district and the increase in the number of passengers, the Public Transport Department plans to integrate the West Station, the East Station and the Commercial area of the Nankang Station to integrate to be the largest station in Taipei .The West Transit Station is opened today. East Station will be handled in BOT way, is expected to Open in August this year, the commercial transit station will through Urban renewal to facilitate for the construction.. The future Nankang Transit Station will be the main gateway of Taipei to the eastern region, split the traffic in the western region, providing people with more choice for transportation.

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