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Season for Companies’ Year-End Banquet (Weiya) is Approaching Reminder from the Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government: Do Not Drive if You Know You will be drinking and Find a Designated Driver if You do Drink

    There are many year-end parties, the Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as the DOT) reminds that the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act has been revised and implemented, and the penalties for drunk driving has been increased. As long as the driver has been drunk driving or refuses to test for drunk driving, the license plate will be removed on site and the vehicle will be towed to the storage facility. In addition to the relocation fee, a storage fee will be charged while the vehicle is in the storage facility (NT$100/half day for cars, NT$25/half day for motorcycles). During the period of 2 years in which the license plate is suspended, the vehicle cannot be driven on the road. The driver needs to hire a tow truck to tow the vehicle away. For 2023, as of November, Taipei City has executed 2,838 license suspension cases, of which 1,351 on-site license suspension cases (549 car cases; 802 motorcycle cases)were executed under the new regulations starting from June 30th. We ask that companies remind their employees to “not drive if they know they will be drinking, and find a designated driver if they do drink” when the companies want to hold banquet parties.

    The DOT stated that it has set a reference fee for designated driving services as a reference for people. The fare within 10 km will not exceed NT$1,000, and for every 2 additional km, the fee will not exceed NT$100. There are already 9 operators in Taipei City that provide designated driving services. If there is a need for designated driving services, you can call the local toll-free taxi hotline 0800-055850, ext. 6 from a landline, or call 55850, ext. 6 from a cell phone (for a fee). You can also use the Fun Travel in Taipei app or 7-11 ibon kiosk to call for a taxi.

    Designated driving operators will also provide relevant discounts. For example, 55688 Designated Driving (Taiwan Taxi Fleet) provides NT$100 cash coupons for partnering restaurants, people will get a NT$100 discount for taxi fare when paying with cash, and people can also receive a NT$330 designated driving voucher at partnered trusted stores. There is an additional discount launched for December, from now until Dec. 31st, 2023, download the 55688 app and bind a credit card to the app to exchange for a NT$600 taxi voucher (three NT$200 vouchers). When using the app to call for designated driving service, the discount can be immediately used on that trip fare. Meanwhile, for newly registered users, Taiwan Designated Driver app will give out two NT$150 vouchers. This event will only last until January 10th, 2024.

    The Department of Transportation reminds the public that anti-drunk driving has become a national consensus. For one’s own safety and the safety of others, do not drive after drinking. Make good use of the public transportation, or use the “designated driving” service, so that you can head out happily and return home safely.

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