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Description of Bikeway Types in Taipei City

To provide a safe and friendly traffic environment in Taipei City, the city government adopts the concept of a living community and promotes daily living cycling. As of February 2017, it has built 85.76 kilometers of “separated bike-pedestrian lane” and 303.91 kilometers of “shared bike-pedestrian lane”, for a total of 389.67 kilometers of the bicycle road network in the City.
For the “separated bike-pedestrian lane” (as shown in Figure 1) on the bicycle road network in the City, single solid white lines are drawn on both sides of the bikeway, and bicycle marking is drawn at the entrance of the lane, to regulate the bicycle driving space for cyclists to ride bicycles within the designated space. For the “shared bike-pedestrian lane” (as shown in Figure 2), the sidewalks within a certain roadway width may be designated as shared bike-pedestrian lanes according to Article 90-3 of the “Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act”. Also, the “Follow 22-1: Pedestrians and Bicycles Only” sign was set up on both ends of the block for the public to identify. However, cyclists are still required to give way to pedestrians on the shared paths, and are forbidden to cycle along the arcade.

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