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Ziqiang Tunnel Speed Limit Information

Concerning the “How Much Over the Speed Limit Is Considered Speeding in the Ziqiang Tunnel” press conference convened by the Taipei City councilor, since Ziqiang Tunnel is connected to a curve on either side causing repeated accidents, the speed limit is therefore set to 40km/h. After Taipei City Police Department (hereafter referred to as the Police Department) installed interval speed-measuring apparatus and stepped up its campaign in July and August, traffic accidents in July and August this year have decreased compared to the same period last year. In light of road traffic safety, the 40km/h speed limit should continue to be enforced.
Since Ziqiang Tunnel is connected to a curve on either side, the Public Works Department’s New Construction Office of Taipei City Government has conducted a review of the road section, which is deemed to comply with the speed limit of 40km/h as stipulated by the Design Directions of Urban Roads and Accessory Works. Furthermore, an average of 45 accidents have occurred annually over the last 5 years, hence in order to prevent speeding cars from affecting road traffic safety, the speed limit is set at 40km/h.
By referring to experiences gained from the speed traps in Wanli Tunnel, New Taipei City, the Police Department has issued fines to vehicles traveling over the speed of 61km/h. Since the Police Department reinforced its road traffic safety campaign in July, only one traffic accident occurred in the Ziqiang Tunnel during July and August 2019 (0 injuries and 0 fatalities); the number has decreased by 8 compared to the same period last year, where there were 9 accidents (9 injuries and 2 fatalities). In consideration of road traffic safety, the existing speed limit will be retained.  
In light of traffic congestion near the Ziqiang Tunnel, the southbound traffic flow rate in the morning rush hours is approximately 4,000PCU, while the northbound traffic flow rate in the afternoon is about 3,000PCU, nearing the road capacity, thus they are road sections with recurrent traffic congestion. The Police Department has been requested to strengthen traffic dispersion efforts at the intersections during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

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