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Starting July 1, YouBike 2.0E Rentals in Taipei, New Taipei, and Taoyuan Require Public Bicycle Injury Insurance

The Taipei City Transportation Department has announced that, considering the longer travel distances and faster acceleration of YouBike 2.0E, a joint decision was made with the transportation departments of New Taipei and Taoyuan to require public bicycle injury insurance for rentals starting July 1, 2024. Those without insurance will be unable to rent YouBike 2.0E. Individuals who have already purchased public bicycle injury insurance do not need to purchase it again.

The Transportation Department stated that free public bicycle injury insurance has been available since June 2018. In the event of an accident causing death, disability, or hospitalization, insured individuals can claim up to 1 million NTD (with funeral expenses and disability insurance for those under 15 years old) and a maximum daily hospital benefit of 1,000 NTD from the insurance company with medical documents. Injury insurance is personal, so users must apply for the insurance themselves, requiring real-name registration with an ID number (or passport number), and the insured person's consent. The department has continuously encouraged the public to do so, with insurance rates increasing from 50% at the end of 2022 to 68% in April 2024.

The Transportation Department reminds the public that this insurance is free and can be obtained by logging into the official YouBike website or app. Each account can register up to 5 cards, but all cards must belong to the insured individual to be eligible for compensation. Users should ensure that the registered cards are used by the insured individual to protect their rights.

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