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The Ratio of having Insurance Coverage for YouBike Personal Injury Insurance in Taipei City reaches a New High of 63.5% Foreigners can Also Get the Insurance

    According to statistics from the Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as the DOT), Taipei City Government, since Taipei City implemented free YouBike Personal Injury Insurance in 2018, the ratio of having this insurance coverage for YouBike users has increased yearly. Statistics show that the ratio of having insurance coverage in November 2023 has increased from 49.4% at the end of 2022 to 63.5%. After the lifting of the pandemic this year, in response to the increase of foreign tourists visiting Taiwan, a new function for insurance coverage with passports was added to provide our foreign friends with an additional layer of protection when touring the city with YouBike.

    The DOT pointed out that the coverage for YouBike Personal Injury Insurance is free of charge and can provide an additional protection for riders. To help the public know about this information, in addition to sending free insurance information through text message reminders, and posting this information on YouBike parking pillars and on YouBikes, the screen on YouBikes will also remind the public to insure the YouBike Personal Injury Insurance when renting them. However, through a questionnaire survey, the DOT found that 37% of the uninsured do not know about this information, 30% of the respondents feel that their YouBike usage rate is low and do not need to insure, and 20% do not want the hassle of having to fill in the information for the insurance. The DOT reminds that personal injury insurance is under the category of insurance of the person stipulated in the Insurance Act. The legal name, National ID No. (or Passport No.), and date of birth must be entered, and the insured must give their consent for this to be effective. In addition, the insured and the actual rider must be the same person to be eligible for claims. We ask for the public to get nationwide YouBike insurance by signing up for free through the official website (Official Website of YouBike) or app “Member Login.”

    The DOT also noticed that nearly 60% of the YouBike members did not know that they need to individually insure for each registered card, and wants to remind the members to check whether they have insured for each registered card and to confirm whether they are the user, so as to safeguard their own rights and benefits.

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