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2024 Traffic Safety Year—Taipei Leads Nation in Leading Pedestrian Interval(LPI), Supported by Majority

In the Traffic Safety Year of 2024, Taipei City's Traffic Engineering Office(hereinafter referred to as the Traffic Engineering Office) has continuously implemented the Leading Pedestrian Interval Plan in adherence with the Taipei Traffic Safety Plan to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing intersections. As of 2023, this plan has been carried out at 345 intersections near 280 schools (senior high/vocational level and below) in the city, as well as 1 main road in each of the 12 administrative districts. By the end of February 2024, a total of 970 intersections(about 35% signalized intersections) had installed leading pedestrian intervals in the city, its implementation rate ranking first nationwide. According to the 2023 Satisfaction Survey of Pedestrian Improvement Infrastructures, approximately 85.7% of respondents supported this initiative.


The Traffic Engineering Office will continue expanding this to the “Eight Horizontal and Eight Vertical” main roads in 2024, major and minor main roads in 2025, and all intersections with 4 lanes or more in 2026. Leading pedestrian intervals will be listed as a basic configuration of signalized intersections to ensure the safety of pedestrians ultimately aiming for zero pedestrian fatalities.


Additionally, to better meet pedestrian road-crossing needs and relieve mainline traffic flow, some intersections in the city are equipped with pedestrian-activated signals. These signals operate in flashing mode during normal times and the three-color signals are activated only after triggered by pedestrians. There are currently 327 intersections with pedestrian-activated signals in the city, some built earlier with button instruction signs. In recent years, the instructions have been changed to stickers with clear and easy-to-understand descriptions. The Traffic Engineering Office will change such instructions to sticker form for intersections with 6 lanes or more and crosswalks within road segments by the end of March 2024, as well as all other intersections citywide by the end of June 2024.

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