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Taipei City open to public for participating in the bus shelter art

Taipei City Public Transport Department will provide all standard bus shelters in City for art and design groups and school design public art shelters to integrate into the local landscape conditions, cultural customs of the city of Taipei City bus shelters show different styles and make public art more close to the people living , To create a street in line with the image of Taipei City.
According to the public transport office, the public response was good. The previous design of bus shelters are more monotonous, the City Public Service Department will provide more than 800 standard shelters for the public, juristic person or Groups and schools to participate in public art design, volunteers could contact public transport office Mr. Cai (Tel: 27274168 # 8212) for the application, moreover volunteers could also apply to Cultural Bureau for project subsidy, from now on to May 5, 2017; the amount of subsidy would be 1/2 of total budget and not more than 2.5 million NTD, the design concept to maintain the bus shelter service functions and into the local landscape conditions, cultural customs, welcomed the willing participants willing to propose Application.
In addition, private organizations or individuals may apply to the Public Transport Office for the construction or approval of shelters. This is done by setting up this point to encourage more people to participate and increase the number of people in Hong Kong. Social participation and enhance corporate social image.

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