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Sidewalk Enforcement Guidelines in Taipei City

To promote a pedestrian-friendly environment, Taipei City no longer designates motorcycle parking areas on sidewalks. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in arcades and sidewalks. Enforcement measures to remove motorcycles from sidewalks will be applied, with standards developed in consultation with the city's Police Department, Traffic Division of the Police Department, and Department of Legal Affairs to ensure uniform enforcement guidelines and adherence to road design regulations.

Despite regulations stated in Article 16(1) in Design Directions of Urban Roads and Accessory Works (The width of the walkway is determined by the volume of pedestrian traffic. The minimum width of sidewalks for pedestrians shall be at least 1.5 meters. However, if the width of the road is less than 12 meters, the net width of the sidewalk may not be less than 1.2 meters…), given the difficulty in determining road width due to various conditions and the fact that most roads are less than 12 meter wide in high density areas, the city has adopted a clear sidewalk width of 1.2 meters (excluding parking spaces or other facilities) as the criterion for basic enforcement personnel to identify and enforce violations.

Reports from other cities allow arcade parking with a 1.3-meter pedestrian space, but Taipei City does not permit arcade parking. The city will continue to review enforcement guidelines with relevant departments to ensure more pedestrian-friendly space.

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