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Applications for the Yangde Blvd. Pass for 2024-2026 will be Accepted Starting from Dec. 6th, 2023

    Starting from Dec. 6th, 2023, the Yangde Blvd. Pass in Yangmingshan for 2024 to 2026 can be applied. The objects being controlled are private passenger cars. Residents registered in the local area are required to bring their vehicle registration, ID card, and other relevant documents to the Village Office when applying. Each household will be issued with one pass. For those citizens who have other special needs and applying at the local village office is inconvenient for them, they should apply online and submit relevant information on the Taipei City Government Citizen Service Platform in accordance with the issuance regulations (Application Cases - According to the Department→Department of Transportation→Yangde Blvd. Pass), or go to the Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government in person.Relevant regulations can be found on the Department of Transportation website or inquire by calling 1999.

    The passes are mainly issued to local residents, those who have registered residence in other places but have houses or land in the local area (including Xin’an Vil., Yangming Vil., Yongfu Vil., Gongguan Vil., Pingdeng Vil., Jingshan Vil., Cuishan Vil., Linxi Vil., Yanshan Vil., Zhishan Vil., Xishan Vil., and Dongshan Vil. of Shilin Dist.; Hushan Vil., Hutian Vil., Quanyuan Vil., and Zhongxin Vil. of Beitou Dist.; and Chonghe Vil., Lianghu Vil., and Liugu Vil. of Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City), businesses, government agencies, and schools, etc.

    The Department of Transportation stated that in order to prevent the situation where citizens, who, for some reason, are unable to obtain the pass before the end of this year (2023) and, thus, unable to go through Yangde Blvd., the old permit from 2021-2023 is extended and can still be used until February 29th, 2024. For those citizens who have a need to apply for the pass, they are encouraged to apply using the Citizen Service Platform.

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