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The Pedestrian Exclusive Phase at Intersection at Lane 108, Dongxin Street, Nangang District, Taipei City Is Scheduled for Test Run Starting from 2019.12.02

The pedestrian exclusive phase is scheduled for test run at the intersection at Lane 108, Dongxin Street, Nangang District (in the school hours of 07:00-08:00 and 15:50-16:30) to improve traffic safety starting on 2019.12.02.
The intersection at Lane 108, Dongxin Street neighbors the Chengde Elementary School, Xiude Elementary School and Chengde Junior High School of Taipei City. Lots of cars turn around here to drop off or pick up students from schools which, in turn, results in the intertwined traffic of pedestrians and vehicles. The Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TEO) has scheduled to test run the pedestrian exclusive phase at the intersection at Lane 108, Dongxin Street between 07:00-08:00 and 15:50-16:30 on school days (with varying adjustments as the situation requires) based on earlier assessment by the TEO to improve traffic flow, reduce pedestrian-vehicle conflicts and protect the safety of both.
To align with the “pedestrian exclusive phase” signaling at the intersection, the TEO reminds both pedestrians and drivers to follow the traffic lights and for pedestrians to cross quickly in groups to maintain safety.
Bicycles are prohibited from riding in arcade areas.
Please excuse yourself before biking past the pedestrians in front of you; bike on the left slowly, and thank them afterwards.

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