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New Traffic Control Measures Implemented at Dadu Rd.

In order to improve road traffic safety along Dadu Rd., the Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (hereafter referred to as the TEO) has implemented improvement measures at Dadu Rd.-Daye Rd. intersection, Dadu Rd.-Lide Rd. intersection and along the entire length of Dadu Rd. (see attached diagram); road users must heed the traffic signs, markings, and signals at the scene.
The TEO stated that Dadu Rd. is a thoroughfare connecting Tamsui, Guandu, and downtown Taipei, and the heavy traffic flow also results in frequent accidents. In considering driving safety and the right of way of motorcycles, the TEO has reviewed and adjusted traffic control measures along Dadu Rd. In particular, motorcycles are now allowed to drive on the inner lane of Daye Rd. (southbound direction), and motorcycles can also turn left to Chengde Rd. directly from the inner lane without making a 2-stage left-turn.
Next, the traffic island on Dadu Rd. (towards the direction of Tamsui) before the Dadu Rd.-Lide Rd. intersection was retraced about 150m upstream to allow vehicles turning right to merge into the outside lane in advance and thereby minimize their encounter with motorcycles traveling straight. Moreover, a dedicated right-turn lane has been created at the intersection to increase traffic dispersion efficiency, while a dedicated left-turn lane and traffic signal has been created for motorcycles on Dadu Rd. (towards the direction of Taipei) in order to increase the waiting space for motorcycles turning left into Lide Rd. and improve road traffic safety.
Lastly, considering the occurrence of 2 fatal accidents involving a collision between cars turning right on the express lane and motorcycles traveling straight along Dadu Rd. in 2018, the outside lanes of the traffic island along Dadu Rd. have all been changed to the priority lane for motorcycles and slow-moving vehicles. In addition, traffic signs have been installed at the appropriate location near the intersections to instruct right-turning vehicles to merge into the priority lane in advance. However, cars driving in the priority lane should still yield to motorcycles and avoid overtaking.
In order to let road users become familiar with the new measures, the TEO has asked the Police Department to intensify traffic control manpower at major intersections, and road users are reminded to heed the traffic signs, markings, and signals at the scene in order to maintain smooth traffic flow and safety.

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