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Free Motorcycle Training in Taipei

The Taipei City Transportation Department (hereafter referred to as the Department) announced that from now on, individuals aged 18 and above can obtain free training for standard heavy motorcycle licenses. Regardless of residency, training fees of those who enroll in both driving training and road safety training courses and obtain their heavy motorcycle license will be waived. Spots are limited, and the Department encourages enthusiastic registration. According to city traffic accident data, there has been an average of 22,134 motorcycle injuries and fatalities annually over the past 3 years, accounting for 77% of all accidents. To enhance motorcycle riding safety and defensive driving skills, the Department has provided training subsidies since August 2012 to encourage participation in motorcycle training. In 2023, aligning with M.O.T.C. Highway Bureau's road safety training subsidy program, the Department provided additional subsidies for "road safety training" post-license acquisition to further improve riding skills and adherence to traffic regulations.

For 2024, 3 subsidy programs are available from now until December 6, 2024 (or until spots are filled). Participants in both driving and road safety training courses can receive a combined subsidy of 2,500 NTD from the M.O.T.C. and an additional 2,700 NTD from the Taipei City Government, not to mention participating driving schools (Taipei Driving School Alliance and Union Driving School) also waive training fees (excluding administrative fees). Those who only attend the driving training course can receive a 1,300 NTD subsidy from the city government. Individuals who already have a motorcycle license can join road safety training for a 1,200 NTD subsidy. For those interested, you can register at Taipei standard heavy motorcycle driving schools. More information is available on the Department's website.

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