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Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office

The former Parking Management Office was established in March 1988 and furnished with three sections, one office and one team, plus accounting and personnel staff, for a total of 58 persons. In 1993 coordinated establishment of the Taipei Municipal government various institutions politics wind chamber, because this place not tenable politics wind chamber, deletion human affairs assistant 1 person, sum total complement 57 people. On September 9, 1996, increased activity in each section prompted the 7th Taipei City Council to pass organization amendment No. 85060344 in the 4th meeting of its 17th temporary session. This amendment allowed the agency to expand to 4 sections and 4 offices with a total staff of 74 persons.

With the rapid expansion of the Office's responsibilities, the organization's operations encountered inefficiencies. The Office had proposed an organization rectification, noted as city parking report No. 896322000, to be discussed in the city government's 4th organization revision meeting in 2001. Base on the conclusion of the meeting, the Office was to determine the manpower needed if commissioned to the private sector, and to report back for further discussion. At that time, the city government was planning on adjusting its charter and recruiting additional officials to fill realistic needs; therefore the Office renamed itself the Parking Management and Development Office and renamed each section and office according to their functions. During that time, an additional section, the Electrical Engineering Section, was established with an initial staff of 26 persons. On January 18, 2008, the 10th Taipei City Council passed an amendment directing the formation of 5 new sections and 4 offices manned by a total of 100 staff members. This was done in the Council's 5th meeting of its 5th session and subsequently announced on June 29, 2008 as city law report No. 09731601300.

The major tasks of the Office include: proposing city parking strategies; planning roadside parking; controlling public off-street parking construction schemes; carrying out confiscation of land and compensation for ground/underground structure demolition for parking lot construction projects; establishing temporary parking lots on spare land; reinforcing the utilization of public space for multiple purposes; reviewing cases of incentives for private investment in parking lot construction; previewing designs of parking lot projects for construction licenses; maintaining information systems as well as utility, fire protection and fee collection systems; overseeing public paid parking lot operations and associated managerial tasks such as tickets and certificates, revenue, statistics and analysis; overseeing the transfer of parking lot operation, supervision and inspection; overseeing parking business registration, management, arbitration, business commission plans, fee collection and management of public roadside parking and off-street parking; reporting parking violation vehicles; and commissioning private towing businesses.