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Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi

Wheelchair-accessible taxi is friendly towards disabled or elderly passengers. The main aim is to help people with moving disabilities to go everywhere and enjoy life fully as possible. The vehicle is licensed to carry one person using wheelchair and up to four others at the same time. Wheelchair-accessible taxi service is 24-hours. The fare is as same as general taxi according to the meter, but early booking is required and there is no booking fee.

How to Use the Service (illustration(pdf file))
1. Call the taxi service dispatch hotline of individual taxi fleet operation center
(1) Call the taxi service dispatch hotline 412-8333 of Taipei satellite taxi fleet or 0800 -055850 #3(toll-free) or mobile phone please dial 55850 #3(surcharge) .
(2) Explain to the operator your request for wheelchair-accessible taxi service.
(3) Arrange the pick-up address and time and use the service accordingly.
(4) Confirm the taxi fare upon the meter when reaching the destination and pay in cash or use your EasyCard to make payment and obtain the receipt.

Wheelchair-accessible taxi