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Taxi Services Quality Assessment Results


Assessment of the excellent taxi fleet

2020 Taiwan Taxi、Chihying Taxi、Blueangel Taxi、City Taxi、Taipei Star、TaxiGo、FanYa Taxi、DaAi Taxi、Crown Taxi
2019 Taiwan Taxi、Taipei Star、FuXie Taxi、DaAi Taxi、City Taxi、FanYa Taxi、Crown Taxi
2018 Taiwan Taxi、FuXie Taxi、DaAi Taxi、FanYa Taxi、City Taxi、Crown Taxi、Taipei Star、TaxiGo、Blueangel Taxi
2017 Taipei Star、Chihying Taxi、Crown Taxi、Taiwan Taxi、DaFong Taxi、Blueangel Taxi
2016 Taipei Star、Crown Taxi、Chihying  Taxi 、Metro Taxi、Blueangel Taxi、Taiwan Taxi
2015 Crown Taxi、Taipei  Star、Chihying  Taxi、Taiwan Taxi、Blueangel Taxi、Metro Taxi
2014 Taipei Star、Chihying  Taxi、Crown Taxi、Blueangel Taxi、Taiwan Taxi、DaAi Taxi
2013 Taipei Star、DaAi Taxi、Crown Taxi、Chihying  Taxi、FuXie Taxi、Taiwan Taxi、Blueangel Taxi
2012 Taipei Star、Chihying  Taxi、DaAi Taxi、Crown Taxi、FuXie Taxi、Blueangel Taxi