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Taipei City Traffic Adjudication Office


Organizational Chart(described below.)



1.Citation Control Section
Handling of case filing/review, archiving, transfer, rejection and data management concerning traffic violations.

2.Enforcement Section 

Handling of fines and execution of sanctions concerning traffic violations.

3.Appeals Section

Handling of appeals, objections, lawsuits and refunds concerning traffic violations.

4.Collection Section

Handling of adjudication, collection of fines, transfer of cases for compulsory enforcement, and management of debt obligations concerning traffic violations.

5.Accident Investigation Section

Determination of responsibilities in traffic accidents.

6.Systems Administration

Handling of information processing.

7.Administrative Services

Handling of documents, files, treasury, general affairs, property management and evaluation, and other matters not covered under the responsibilities of other sections.

8.Accounting Office

In charge of budgeting, accounting and statisticss.

9.Personnel Office

In charge of human resource management.

10.Government Ethics Office

In charge of ethical matters.

11.Traffic Accident Appraisal Committee,Taipei City Government