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Why are number designations on buses replaced with 4-digit number?

1. Number designations on the bus usually constitute the departure and arrival points of the routes, stops made along the road or names of places. The vast number of routes can easily cause confusion. With the 4-digit number designations, travelers only have to memorize the 4-digits (for differentiating the 3-digit number designations on downtown buses), and can easily identify the routes available and companies providing the service.

2. In order to better service the general public, travelers can call or look up the schedule and location of the bus they wish to take online to save time, and to improve service efficiency. The Directorate General of Highways has completed “Highway Bus Information System,” allowing callers to inquire necessary information (fares, schedules and route assignments) by keying in the 4-digit number designations. In the future, the “Roadways and Bus Traveling Information and Management Systems” will be installed, also featuring the 4-digit number designations as the inquiry interface to enhance convenience and information inquest.