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Will travelers be charged any fares, or will there be concessional fares for touring the zoo after taking the Maokong Gondola?

1. Services of the Maokong Minibus Tour Left Line are shut down in keeping with the one-way traffic control in Maokong Area. Right Line services are available on official holidays. One paying-sector fare is charged in keeping with the Taipei Joint Bus Systems fare systems. 2. There will be no discounts for traveling in the Minibus after taking the Gondola. Minibus fares are charged in keeping with the Taipei Joint Bus Systems fare systems at a full fare of NT$15 per paying sector. Students enjoy a 20% discount when using EasyCards. Half fares are available to the disabled and seniors aged over 65 by operation of law. Travelers with the concessionaire cards and senior citizen cards can enjoy 60 free rides per month. 3. “Continual Ride Tickets” are available from Shin-Shin Bus Services’ Maokong Minibus. After paying fares to board the Maokong Minibus, travelers can pick up a ticket from the driver before alighting. Travelers can present the ticket when retaking the minibus on the same day for a free ride. If travelers wish for one more ride, ask for another ticket. The tickets are good only for the day they are picked up.