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Are pets allowed on bus?

1. Non-avian pets are allowed on the bus, but they must be contained in a cage, coop or a form of net. Every passenger is allowed one such container on the bus, at no larger than 27 cubic centimeters in size. Passengers should keep their carry-on pets close by for attendance. The cages should not be placed on the seat, luggage rack or anywhere around the passageway on the bus. Cages, coops or pens should be strapped with waterproof tapes. Owners must immediately clean up any pet fecal matters to maintain public cleanliness. To prevent avian flu pandemic, avian pets are prohibited on buses. 2. According to Motor Transportation Management Regulations, article 72, bus service providers can reject transporting pets unsuitable for bus travel. However, this provision does not apply to guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers.