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How are taxi fares calculated?

According to public bulletin, No. 1113078948 , issued on December 22nd, 2022 by the Department of Transportation, Taipei City’s taxi fares were adjusted as follows, effective at 12:00am, April 1st, 2023: (1) Taximeter fare: It’s NT$85 as start fees for the first 1.25 km; after that, it’s NT$5 for every 200 meters traveled (according to what’s shown on the meter. Additional charge is effective for nighttime travel.) (2) Prolonged metering: It’s NT$5 for every 60 seconds for slow-moving taxis at under 5km per hour. (3) Additional nighttime fare: From 11:00 pm till 6:00am the next day (additional nighttime charge is calculated according to the time the passenger boards the vehicle), an extra NT$20 is added per trip, in addition to the metered nighttime fares. (4) Fares during Chinese New Year holidays: Two days prior to the Chinese New Year’s eve until the holidays end, passengers are charged nighttime fares for the trip, plus an extra NT$30 of gratuity. For nighttime traveling during CNY holidays, passengers are charged extra nighttime fares, plus an extra NT$50 of gratuity.