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Taipei City Public Transportation Office

The Duties of Each Section/Office

  1. Planning and Development Section: This unit oversees several services, including Integrated Business of Taipei City Bus, Long-distance Bus, and Ships, Settlement and Organization of Public Transportation Station, Ticket Management of Public Transportation and any traffic planning-related tasks.
  2. Mass Transit Section: This unit is responsible for the effective management of Taipei City Public Transportation (Buses, long-distance buses, MRT, and light railway) and fare systems.
  3. General Transportation Section: The unit provides services concerning the First Trial of Fare and Management of General Transportation, Cable Cars, and Ships.
  4. Business Inspection Section: The unit is responsible for Public Transportation Business Inspection, Traffic Accident Statistics Analyses, Service Index Evaluation, Rewards and Demerits Reviews, Transportation Regulations Violations, Appeals, and miscellaneous case reviews.
  5. Intelligent Transportation Section: The unit is responsible for Public Transportation Business, Intelligent T ransportation System Planning, Implementation, Management
    and IT 
    business development.
  6. Administrative Services Office: The office provides administrative management for archiving, cashier, official seals, and property supervision.
  7. Personnel Office: Personnel Affairs.
  8. Accounting Office: Budget, Accounting, and Statistics.
  9. Government Ethics Office: The office addresses affairs related to Personnel Ethics.