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Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office


  1. Planning Section
    1.Parking strategies.
    2.Planning and management of roadside parking.
    3.Off-street parking construction project.
    4.Acquiring land for parking. Compensation for clearing and moving ground objects (above and under).
    5.Making use of vacant land to build temporary off-street parking and incentivizing private investments in public.
    6.parking lot projects according to the multipurpose infrastructure principles.
  2. Architectural Section
    1.Civil engineering, repair and maintenance of parking lots.
    2.Screening and approving applications for parking lot construction permits.

  3. Mechanical and Electrical Section
    Information management; engineering and facility maintenance of water and electrical system, firefighting system, payment system specified for the parking lots.

  4. Operation Section
    1.Overseeing operation of public parking facilities.
    2.Managing business operations and ticketing, including revenue, statistics, and analysis.
    3.Supervising and assessing parking spaces.
    4.Registration of private operation of parking spaces including management, evaluation, certification, and transfer.
    5.Business planning, execution, and revenue statistics for entrusted operations.

  5. Management and Occupational Safety Section
    1.Fee collection and management of public roadside and off-street parking spaces.
    2.Assistance in reporting illegal parking.
    3.Entrusting private towing business.
    4.Occupational safety.

  6. Administrative Services
    General administration, official seal management, cashiering, document and property management, procurement and outsourcing and other affairs not under other sections or offices.

  7. Accounting Office

  8. Personnel Office

  9. Government Ethics Office