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Department of Transportation




1. Member registration function: For first-time users to register as members.

2. One-trip rental function: Offers bike rental by credit card (with IC chip).

3. Rental station inquiry: Shows real-time available bike quantities and parking slot information of other rental stations.

4. EasyCard inquiry:Check the bike rental record and status.

5. Extension when parking slots are full: In the case when the parking slots of a station are all taken, users may use this function to add one hour of riding time free of charge.


Parking post

A control panel is installed on the top of a parking post, which can read a certified EasyCard and automatically lock or unlock a public bike. Users can borrow or return bikes following the light signal or message on the panel.

Parking post


1. Bike’s specification, pattern and size are unified, and each bike is numbered and equipped with a control chip and related identification system for easy identification and management.

2. The height of the saddle can be manually adjusted; the bikes are suitable for riders 140 cm – 190 cm tall.

3. The bikes feature a 3-speed function fit for riding in the City area.

4. The bikes are equipped with head and rear lights and front and rear light reflectors.

5. Each bike is equipped with a bike bell, basket and simple lock.