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Traffic engineering area
This area displays traffic technologies at intersections. First, let's take a look at signals for bikers. There are two designs of a little green man riding a bicycle. As can be observed from these two signals, bikers rarely wore helmets in the early years; but with safety concerns on the rise, the bike signal is changed to a biker wearing helmet to reflect the current trend. The pedestrian touch button is used at intersections with flashing signals. Pedestrians can press the button before crossing the street to turn the flashing signal into a traffic light to stop approaching cars. Next, we see pedestrian signal and driving signal on the signal pole. All the signals in Taipei City have already been changed to energy-efficient LED signals with longer lifecycles. The markings on bike lanes and pedestrian lanes are made in accordance with relevant regulations. The LED ticker on the wall is Changeable Message Sign (CMS) that displays real-time traffic information, such as "smooth traffic flow on Zhongshan Chongqing". Next, we see audible signals designed for visually-impaired pedestrians, who can apply for a remote control at designated organizations. When they arrive at an intersection equipped with audible signal, the remote control will automatically trigger the audible signal. North-south direction is indicated by the sound of a cuckoo and the east-west direction by bird chirps. A cricket sound will appear when arriving at an intersection with pedestrian interval. Even if they don't have or forget to bring the remote control, they can push a button to activate the sounds. The facility controlling traffic signals is called a sign controller, usually adopting TOD timing system at intersections in Taipei City to synchronize with the peak and off-peak hours. In addition, touch signals and intelligent signals are set up at specific intersections.

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