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Historic landmark displays area
The area showcases Taipei City's past, present and future. Take Zhonghua Road for example, "the past" shows Zhonghua Road in its early years, and "the present" shows today's Zhonghua Road, including all the bus lanes. Over here in "the past", the digital photo slideshows display photos of policewomen directing traffic. The showcase exhibits the evolution of bus tickets, from paper tickets, prepaid tickets, to Easycard. Let's now turn to "the present." Here, we see license plates used by the different kinds of vehicles. Today, the new automatic vehicle identification system (AVI) can calculate the travel time of cars. The photo shows low-floor buses that are roaming Taipei City in increasing number by the day. The last one is a blueprint of the future Taipei City. The video clip introduces intelligent vehicles developed by Automotive Research & Testing Center.

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