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Taipei parking information system area
The video on your left shows how to check parking lot information by voice. The information can also be accessed via the internet, mobile devices and by phone. The showcase displays a handhold PDA device, printer and photographic paper. Parking meter personnel can use the PDA to write a ticket and print it out directly, saving time of having to key in data manually. The mid section shows information of parking lots. The early bar-like displays can only show the number of remaining parking spaces. Then, they are gradually replaced by newer display panels, as shown at the bottom, which can display more information, such as name of the parking lot, directions, number of remaining parking spaces, as well as real-time traffic information. The screen on the right is an interactive simulated video at Qiaoan car park. By using the Easycard, the remaining parking space is recalculated to show 192 remaining parking spaces. In the video, you can see the number of remaining parking spaces on each floor at the entrance. How to find empty parking spaces once you are on the destination floor? Just look for green lights on the floor which indicate empty parking spaces. After the car is parked in place, the light will turn red triggered by the intelligent sensor above. The facility is mainly used in large public parking lots.

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