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NO.TitlePublish Date
1How do I withdraw my report application and obtain a refund?2023-12-05
2How do I request an analysis report?2023-12-05
3I misplaced my traffic ticket. How do I pay the fine?2023-08-07
4How are charging violation points and suspension of driver license handled?2023-08-02
5When applying for attributing the liability from a citation to the driver, will the driver be charged with violation points or will the driver’s license be suspended?2023-08-02
6Can I pay traffic fines at the counter of TAO by credit card or mobile payment?2017-11-07
7The due date on the traffic ticket is a holiday. What do I do?2013-06-07
8Is there a time limit for appealing the report results of a car accident?2013-05-21
9What can we do if another party refuses to pay the damage for the car accident?2013-05-21
10Can I make an appeal to the Preliminary Car Accident Analysis Report issued by the police?2013-05-21
11How is accident fault determined in terms of liability of every party involved?2013-05-21
12Why was an adjudication notice sent to me?2013-04-17
13How long would a car accident analysis report take?2013-02-04
14Would I be charged for requesting an the analysis report?2013-02-04
15How do I ensure my rights and interests in a car accident?2013-02-04
16How do I acquire an adjudication from the counter?2013-02-04
17I have not received the traffic ticket yet. Why did you send me an adjudication notice?2013-02-04
18I was ticketed because the vehicle inspection date had expired. What do I do?2013-02-04
19If my license plate is to be cancelled because the vehicle inspection due date has expired, how is the cancellation date determined?2013-02-04
20The payment date had already expired when I received the traffic ticket. What can I do?2013-02-04