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(1) Bus Route Integration

    In 2022, 9 routes were adjusted, 6 shrunk, 4 halted, and 70 with frequency reduced. People can plan their commute in the bus reservation system, with the start and end points located in Taipei City. If 20 signatures can be collected, the feasibility of the route will be evaluated in line with route overlap. 6 routes were made available in 2022.

(2) Bus with Reservations

    For certain fixed bus services and routes passing through remote areas, if no alternative route is available and demand is not fixed, a pilot program for reservations was put in place for certain trips and stations of a total of 19 bus routes by the end of December 2022. A total of 2,826 bus trips and 41.27 metric tons of carbon were reduced, prioritizing both service quality and environmental protection.

(3) Dog-friendly Bus Service on Weekends and Holidays

    Each dog-friendly bus route has at least three services on weekends and holidays, taking passengers to dog parks and dog exercise areas in Taipei City. As of the end of 2022, each dog park can be reached by two bus lines. The details about services have been posted at bus stops as well as in the buses. As of the end of 2022, there are 18 dog-friendly bus routes, including 0 East, 1, 12, 207, 225, 257, 262 shuttle bus, 265, 279, 302, 304 Chengde, 620, 645, 669, 679, 681, Brown 6 and 757, providing convenient services for owners and dogs.


(4) Promotion of Corridor Bus Shelters

    Some bus stops in Taipei City serve so many buses that the original design of the bus shelters is no longer sufficient. New corridor bus shelters have been built since 2016 to provide larger waiting spaces and better shelter from wind and rain. Following the work on Songjiang Road in 2022, replacement of the existing regular bus shelters on the Xinsheng North-South Road bus lane with corridor bus shelters continues. In addition, to meet the needs of the public, the existing regular bus shelter at the Gongguan MRT station on Roosevelt Road bus lane will be replaced with a corridor bus shelter.