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(1) Promoting Shared Parking Spaces

    Programs such as "Parking Spaces at Institutions and Campuses," "Addition of Parking Spaces on Unused Land" and "Parking Space Matchmaking Service" have been drawn up. The "Real-time Parking Info Search Engine" is available so that people can find parking spaces more easily. In 2019, the "Shared Parking Space Matchmaking Service Provider Registration 2.0" was launched to encourage shared parking space matchmaking services to manage parking spaces in compliance with the regulations. From January to December 2022, 5,392 new shared parking spaces were made available./001/Upload/391/relpic/17998/131686/cd1073b6-b0f9-4abc-97de-10bdbea8855f.jpg

(2) New Parking Lots

    Reserved lands for public facilities or urban planning car parks are actively transformed into off-street parking lots. Parking lots are constructed using the multiple purpose public facility land use method, increasing the supply of parking spaces by using land for parks, or construction or renovation of schools.

    A total of 13 parking lots were under construction or design in 2022, providing 3,474 parking spaces and 1,457 motorcycle spaces. 4 will be completed in 2023: Neihu 321K01, Chung Shan Junior High, Jingmei Girls High School and Xinhe Elementary School. 11 are currently under construction: Neihu 321K01, Zhenhua Park, Technology Building, Gongyi Park, LOHAS Park, Chenggong Market, Jingmei Girls High School, Xinhe Elementary School, Chung Shan Junior High, Neihu Junior High, Da An Junior High. A further 2 are in the design phase: Heping High School and Xisong Elementary School./001/Upload/391/relpic/17998/131686/0363e441-8c1a-473c-8db7-76ca243f2f18.jpg/001/Upload/391/relpic/17998/131686/c717ad22-5173-4ae8-9409-29e849e4a1fa.jpg