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NO.nameTelmotorbikescarsheavy vehiclesAddressLocationOpenrate
301Jingfeng Car Park44No.79 JingFeng St.Wenshan Dist. Taipeiground、underground24HNT$20/hour,Monthly Ticket NT$4,800
302Wholesale Plant Market Car Park354411B1F.,、B2F., No.15 Sec.1 XingLong Rd. Wenshan Dist. Taipeiindoor、underground24HCars and Large Heavy-Duty Motorcycle NT$20/hour,Cars Monthly Ticket NT$4,800,Daytime Monthly Ticket NT$2,400(7:00-19:00) ,Night Monthly Ticket NT$1,500(19:00-08:00).  Large Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Monthly Ticket NT$2,400. Motorbikes NT$10/hour,maximum charge NT$20 (per entry per day) ,Motorbikes Monthly Ticket NT$300. 
303Ankang Bus Dispatching Station Car Park84115No.12 WuFen St. Neihu Dist. Taipeiground、underground9-17Cars NT$20/hour,No Monthly Ticket.MotorbikesNT$20 per time.
304Guandu Riparian Car Park14230918Front Guandu Palace Beitou Dist. Taipeiground、underground24H1. Monday-Friday:Cars NT$20/hour,Buses NT$40/hour,Motorbikes Free.2. Saturday-Sunday and Public holidays:Cars NT$30/hour,Buses NT$60/hour.3.Cars Monthly Ticket NT$4,800 ,Buses Monthly Ticket NT$9,600. 
305Lane 284 Wuxing St. Car Park3950Ln. 284 WuXing Xinyi Dist. Taipeiground、underground24HCars NT$30/hour,Monthly Ticket NT$7,200.Motorbikes Free
306Shuangxi Car Park6Front ShuangXi Park Shilin Dist. Taipeiground、underground9-17NT$50 per time
307Mingde Car Park29Front No.315 MingDe Rd. Beitou Dist. Taipeiground、underground24HNT$30/hour,Monthly Ticket NT$7,200
308Huayin Car Park25Front No.18 Hua Yin St. ZhongShan Dist. Taipeiground、underground07:00-21:30NT$40/hour,Monthly Ticket NT$9,600
309Yongsheng Car Park62224B1F., No. 30, Ln. 93, Sec. 2, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei Cityindoor、underground24HCars:(8:00-24:00) NT$50/hour,(0:00-8:00) NT$30/hour. Monthly Ticket NT$4800.Motorbikes: NT$20/time, Motorbikes Monthly Ticket NT$300. 
310Chunguang Car Park68214No.666 Sec.5 ZhongXiao E. Rd. Xinyi Dist. Taipeiindoor、underground24HCars NT$30/hour,Monthly Ticket NT$6,000,daytime monthly Ticket NT$3,600(07:00-19:00),Night monthly Ticket NT$3,600(19:00-08:00). Motorbikes NT$10/hour(maximum charge NT$20 per entry per day), Monthly Ticket NT$300. 
311Longmen Car Park140730B1F., No. 269, Sec. 2, Jianguo S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei Cityindoor、underground24HCars NT$30/hour.Monthly Ticket NT$4,320,daytime monthly Ticket NT$2,700(07:00-19:00),Night monthly Ticket NT$1,800(19:00-08:00).Motorbikes NT$20 per time,Motorbikes Monthly Ticket NT$300 
312Bangka Car Park268518No.145 Sec.1 Si Yuan Rd.indoor、underground24HCars Monday-Friday 08:00-22:00 NT$30/hour,22:00-08:00 NT$10/hour,Saturday-Sunday and Public holidays (08:00-22:00)NT$40/hour,(22:00-08:00) NT$10/hour. Monthly Ticket NT$4,800,daytime monthly Ticket(1) NT$2,400(7:00-19:00),daytime monthly Ticket(2) NT$2,400(10:00-22:00),Night monthly Ticket NT$2,400(19:00-8:00). Motorbikes NT$10/hour,maximum charge NT$20 (per entry per day) ,Motorbikes Monthly Ticket NT$300.