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1What is a Changeable Message Sign (CMS)? How does it produce the traffic information it displays?2013-05-07
2How do I inquire locations where the Taipei City Government has designated as “No Parking” zones?2011-01-18
3Which authority do I notify of traffic signal failures?2011-01-18
4What are the “No Parking” hours on roadside red and yellow lines?2011-01-18
5The red and yellow lines are drawn on the surface of the asphalt at the outer edge of the manhole. Is parking allowed on the surface area of the manhole inside the red lines?2011-01-18
6Where do I acquire a copy of Taipei City’s downtown bike lane map?2011-01-18
7Is parking during summer breaks by the public notices along the yellow lines surrounding school campuses allowed?2011-01-18
8I look up information about “Areas where parking is permitted along yellow lines on holidays” on Traffic Engineering Office’s website. If no locations are shown on the page, and there are no warning public notices available on site, is parking therefore allowed along yellow lines on holidays?2011-01-18
9The school campuses are marked with yellow lines all around. Public notices are erected near the school that says, “Parking on yellow lines is allowed during hours when classes are suspended.” In that case, is parking on the yellow line on the opposite side illegal?2011-01-18
10What is the reason that the yellow lines on different road sections are assigned various “No Parking” hours? What are the criteria?2011-01-18
11Do I have to press very hard on the pedestrian crossing button at road intersection for crossing the intersection? How does it work and what is it used for?2011-01-18
12When will the City complete the installation of buzzers at traffic intersections for visually impaired travelers? Where can I look up information on road sections that have been installed with the buzzers?2011-01-18
13Are color pavements on bike lanes non-slip?2011-01-18
14What’s the significance of color pavements on the bike lanes?2011-01-18