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1What happens to cars that remain in a parking space for a long time?2015-11-09
2How should I pay if I am unable to complete my ticket payment at designated collection points in Taipei City and my parking ticket, parking ticket payment reminder or parking ticket payment collection notice are all past due?2012-03-15
3How should I make a payment if I receive a SMS message on my cell phone from the PMO about an unpaid parking ticket or informed by the interactive voice response system? Is there a payment due date?2012-03-14
4What should I do if I can not complete my ticket payment at a convenient store as a result of a failed barcode scan, unidentifiable amount on the ticket, torn parking ticket or lost parking ticket?2012-03-14
5Will I receive a red ticket if I pay only the warned parking fee or the handling fee?2009-06-27
6Why should the parking fee receipt be retained for six months?2009-06-27
7I received a red ticket even though I have never parked my car at the parking lot as stated therein. What can I do?2009-06-27
8Are officers unjust and selectively issuing tickets?2009-06-27
9Is illegal parking too strictly controlled in alleys?2009-06-27
10Where can the penalty be paid?2009-06-27
11What can be done if a ticket was sent to a vehicle registration address where no one currently lives?2009-06-27
12How can I pay the penalty if the ticket has not been received, or is past due?2009-06-27
13Why was I punished for parking my car on private land?2009-06-27
14What are the criteria for punishment of temporary parking?2009-06-27
15Where are illegally-parked cars towed?2009-06-27
16How do I find out where my car was taken? How much money and what documents are necessary to retrieve the vehicle?2009-06-27
17What will happen if a towed vehicle is not retrieved after the due day?2009-06-27
18Why was I punished for parking my car in a time-limited parking space?2009-06-27
19Why was my illegally parked vehicle reported repeatedly on the same day?2009-06-27
20I parked my car at the entrance/exit of an alley where no parking prohibition lines were drawn, but I was ticketed nonetheless for illegal parking. Why?2009-06-27