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1What happens to cars that remain in a parking space for a long time?2015-11-09
2Will I receive a red ticket if I pay only the warned parking fee or the handling fee?2009-06-27
3Why should the parking fee receipt be retained for six months?2009-06-27
4I received a red ticket even though I have never parked my car at the parking lot as stated therein. What can I do?2009-06-27
5Are officers unjust and selectively issuing tickets?2009-06-27
6Is illegal parking too strictly controlled in alleys?2009-06-27
7Where can the penalty be paid?2009-06-27
8What can be done if a ticket was sent to a vehicle registration address where no one currently lives?2009-06-27
9How can I pay the penalty if the ticket has not been received, or is past due?2009-06-27
10Why was I punished for parking my car on private land?2009-06-27
11What are the criteria for punishment of temporary parking?2009-06-27
12Where are illegally-parked cars towed?2009-06-27
13How do I find out where my car was taken? How much money and what documents are necessary to retrieve the vehicle?2009-06-27
14What will happen if a towed vehicle is not retrieved after the due day?2009-06-27
15Why was I punished for parking my car in a time-limited parking space?2009-06-27
16Why was my illegally parked vehicle reported repeatedly on the same day?2009-06-27
17I parked my car at the entrance/exit of an alley where no parking prohibition lines were drawn, but I was ticketed nonetheless for illegal parking. Why?2009-06-27
18Why are motorcycles parked at an arcade or sidewalk ticketed for illegal parking?2009-06-27
19I parked my car in a special loading/unloading parking space and received a ticket. Why?2009-06-27
20Why is the parking fee enquiry line always busy?2009-06-27