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NO.TitlePublish Date
21Can the disabled who park their cars on the roadside come to a parking structure or underground parking lot to cancel the payment notice in order to save time?2009-06-27
22Can the user of the Caring Card deduct the parking fee automatically?2009-06-27
23Can the automatic fee collection machine charge half price?2009-06-27
24How are the disabled charged when they park their cars in the nighttime preferential hours?2009-06-27
25What are the reasons for time-limited parking spaces?2009-06-27
26How can time-limited parking spaces be identified and used?2009-06-27
27How can I apply for business registration for my parking lot?2009-06-27
28How can I apply for a parking lot guidance sign?2009-06-27
29How can I rent a parking lot?2009-06-27
30What is the legal basis for requiring submission of the parking identity of the disabled to cancel the payment notice?2009-06-27
31Can the parking identity of the disabled show both the name and license plate number?2009-06-27
32Is the procedure for canceling the payment notice the same whether the disabled person is the driver of the car or a passenger in the car of another person?2009-06-27
33Can the payment notice be cancelled when the disabled passengers are children who can not apply for the parking identity of the disabled?2009-06-27
34Why must the parking identify of the disabled be submitted when the other three certificates are present? This is inconvenient.2009-06-27
35Can the parking preferences in Jianbei (2), G and H sections?2009-06-27
36Do preferential parking measures apply to disabled taxi drivers?2009-06-27
37Are the disabled who have no cars (and thus, cannot apply for a special parking identity) eligible for preferential parking when they are driven by another person?2009-06-27
38Can a disabled person buy the half-price ticket for Li (borough) residents? Can they buy normal tickets at 50% discount if they are not Li residents?2009-06-27
39What certificates should be presented to buy preferential half-price tickets? Are the three certificates required? Should copies be submitted for reference?2009-06-27
40Can the preferential monthly ticket of the disabled be used together with the Easy Card (Concession card)?2009-06-27