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(1) Allowing scooters in a third lane on some sections of road

    According to Article 99 of the Road Traffic Safety Regulations, on roads with three or more lanes, Taipei City has marked the inner lanes with “no scooters” signs and provided the two outer lanes for scooters. Considering some stretches of road have a high demand for stopping, buses frequently pulling in and out and other factors, the opening of a third lane to scooters is evaluated based on data gathered on peak bus routes, traffic density of scooters and cars, lane width and the proportion of red curbside lines. In 2022 a third lane was opened to scooters on 59 stretches of road.


Scooters are permitted in the third lane of Section 1, Neihu Rd

(2) Allowing scooters to turn left directly on some intersections with three lanes or more

    Taipei City restriction on scooters turning left requires a two-stage left turn at intersections with more than three lanes. At intersections with two lanes or fewer, they can turn left directly. Provision for scooters to turn left is reviewed for particular intersection types (such as T junctions), inner lanes with no scooter restrictions and no conflict with oncoming traffic (such as left turn protection phase) and dedicated left turning lanes for scooters. In 2022, direct left turning for scooters was allowed at a total of 69 three-lane intersections.


Direct left turn is permitted for scooters (Entrance to Lane 101, Wende Road)