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NO.TitlePublish Date
361Taipei Public Transportation Office calls on not to post inappropriate notices on the bus2011-10-24
362Decreasing the amount of motorbikes from arcades and sidewalks2011-10-07
363Taipei Public Transportation Office continues promotion of special taxi service for the elderly. The public is welcome to access to the service2011-10-06
364To find car location by scanning the QRCode2011-09-30
365Taipei City celebrates World Carfree Day for 10 consecutive years and wins EMW attention2011-09-30
366More frequent bus service will be delivered for reopening of Taipei International Flora Exposition Hsin-Sheng Hall 32011-09-14
367Taipei City Mayor Hao and musician-environmentalist Matthew Lien kick off city-wide celebratory events for 10th anniversary of World Carfree Day2011-08-30
368New bus route maps and fare information screen will be launched in Taipei City buses on August 9, 20112011-08-09
369Disclosure of results of the 1st Taipei City Bus Service Evaluation in 20112011-08-09
370Up to 180 minibuses for the disabled will be available by end of this year in Taipei City providing better transportation service for people with disabilities2011-08-09
371Rotary International District 3520 works in cooperation with Taipei City Government to provide barrier-free transportation service2011-06-28
3722011 blossom season barrier-free bus and minibus services will continue till end of September2011-04-27
373Minibuses special transportation service for people with disabilities between rapid transit stations and medical care institutions is also available in Taipei City2011-04-27
374S12 Citizen Minibus Commenced Operation at Noon Today (August 15)2010-08-27
375City Reintroduces Maokong Itinerant Bus Service Day Pass For Unlimited Travel2010-08-27
376DOT Holds Press Conference for 5284 Competition2010-08-26
3772010 Car Free Day: Travel Smarter, Live Better2010-08-13
378Operation Performance of the City Mini Bus2010-08-06
379Explanation on the English Translation Errors of New Bus Signs2010-08-01